Private specialist

No matter your area of medicine or the manner of your employment, you can benefit from AMA Queensland membership. It is a great advantage for hospital doctors, doctors in private practice, salaried doctors and visiting medical officers (VMOs). AMA is your professional organisation and works to advance the interests of all doctors.

Our members have:

  • representation at the highest levels of government;
  • strong advocacy campaigns run on their behalf that change the course of policy in Australia and Queensland; and
  • the opportunity to direct the AMA's objectives.

Workplace Relations Team

Workplace Relations

Our Workplace Relations Team helps members concentrate on the practice of being a doctor by assisting with a range of employment and practice management issues. This help is provided to members at no extra cost and includes guidance and assistance on:

  • the AMA Fees List;
  • opening, managing, and closing a practice;
  • contracts, awards, and legislation interpretation;
  • bullying, harassment, and discrimination;
  • mediation and dispute resolution;
  • staff management;
  • performance management and termination;
  • patient records;
  • issues with provider numbers;
  • unfair dismissal; and
  • Workers Compensations fees and other issues.

AMA Queensland Member Benefits

Member Benefits

Our Specialist members benefit from the experience of our commercial partners when it comes to finance, accounting, motor vehicle purchase, flight discounts and a variety of other services, including:

  • finance for your practice, medical equipment, home, or car;
  • credit card with elite benefits and rewards packages;
  • international flight discounts;
  • accounting services tailored to doctors' needs; and
  • access to vehicle corporate programs.

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