Scholarship makes rural dream come true

8 Feb 2021

Michael Pitt


The path to becoming a doctor is not often an easy one, but throw in a family of five and having to leave your home town to complete a year-long placement and it’s downright difficult.

Luckily, the AMA Queensland Foundation offers a scholarship to James Cook University medical students who are suffering financial hardship and who plan to work in Indigenous or rural Queensland communities.

The scholarship was a perfect fit for scholarship recipient Michael Pitt, who is so committed to working in rural Queensland that he moved his young family to Mareeba to undertake a year-long placement.

“My rural placement at Mareeba District Hospital was amazing and very rewarding. This placement prepared me for my career as a rural generalist,” said Michael.

When asked what prompted his desire to work in rural areas, Michael responded: “I have spent most of my life living and working in rural Queensland and thoroughly enjoy the lifestyle.  To return to rural Australia to work in a medical capacity and provide care to those in our underserved communities is something that excites me.”

“Rural placements always allow for a more hands-on clinical experience and this is exactly what I received.

“The experience was rewarding as not only did I gain an incredible amount of learning, but was able to consult and treat patients under supervision.  These patients would also ask to see me on their return and were always very grateful for my assistance in helping them. This I found the most rewarding of all, being able to really help people in the community in which I lived.”

Dr Michael Pitt has just begun his intern year at Rockhampton Hospital and the AMA Queensland Foundation are so proud to have been part of Dr Pitt’s dream of working in rural Queensland.

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Published: 8 Feb 2021