Nominations open for CDT Executive

1 Feb 2021

CDT elections open


We are recruiting our new executive team for the 2021 Queensland Council of Doctors in Training (CDT).

To nominate for a position, you must be a financial member of AMA Queensland and a doctor in training (DIT). Not a member? Join now here.

The two-week application period opens today for Executive Positions including Chair, Deputy Chair and all Portfolio Lead positions. You will have the option to nominate for three positions and preference them as per your areas of interest.

Read the guide for the CDT election process.

For nominations for Chair, please note that you need to have been a recent member of the CDT team. At present, this position is a one-year term with the option to extend. Some of the important skills our CDT would like to see in our Chair include a passion for the issues DITs face, experience in advocacy, knowledge about the current issues and a vision for where to take the CDT in the next 12 months.

I can attest that it is an exciting, challenging and rewarding role for anyone who is interested.

Once our AMA Queensland team collects all the applications we will send out the voting ballot for Chair to all DIT members. Once the Chair application period has closed, the remainder of the Executive Positions will be voted upon by our current CDT team. Keep an eye out for the nominations for our Hospital Representative Positions to come later this month.

  • Executive Application period: 01/02/21 – 14/02/21 [Includes position for Chair, Deputy Chairs and Portfolio Leads]
  • Chair Voting period: 15/02/21 – 21/02/21
  • Executive Voting period (excluding Chair): 22/02/21 - 28/02/2021

Nominate now for the CDT Executive

I look forward to seeing your applications and thank you for having me as your Chair for 2020!

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us at

Yours truly

Dr Maddi Taylor


Published: 1 Feb 2021