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24 Jun 2020



In recent years, successive governments have chipped away at the foundation of the health system in Queensland.

This has served to undermine the role of doctors who dedicate their lives to healing and treating the state’s sick and vulnerable. Too much emphasis has been placed on convenience rather than quality when it comes to patient care.

Nowhere has this been more evident that in the rise of role substitution, with an increasing number of other health practitioners empowered to perform tasks traditionally provided by qualified doctors.

Queensland is the only state or territory in Australia to allow a trial where pharmacists can diagnose urinary tract infections and prescribe and dispense treating medications.

Enough is enough.

AMA Queensland is fighting back and we need your support.


As of August 7, the survey has now closed.

We need all Queensland doctors – regardless of speciality or geography - to come together to put #patientsoverpolitics #DefendingPatientsAndDoctors.

Together we can protect our profession from further erosion and be the voice our patients deserve.

Join AMA Queensland and the fight to be part of the future

Published: 24 Jun 2020