AMA Queensland 2020 Obesity Awareness Week. 2-6 March 2020

17 Dec 2019

Obesity week

AMA Queensland 2020 Obesity Awareness Week.
2-6 March 2020

The prevalence of obesity and associated chronic disease continues to increase across Australia.

Australians are becoming larger and unhealthier with poor nutrition and inactivity being the biggest contributors to obesity.

Between 2017-2018, 67% (12.5 million) of Australian adults were found to be obese or overweight, an increase from 2014-2015 (63.4%). Additionally, 25% of children aged between 2-17 years old were overweight or obese in 2017-2018. Addressing and overcoming obesity requires a community-wide approach aimed at battling obesity, curbing chronic disease rates and promoting healthy lifestyles.

AMA’s Obesity Awareness Week, from 2 to 6 March, focuses on simple, easy ways that everyday habits can be swapped for healthier outcomes: an afternoon stroll instead of a movie, a slice of cake changed for a piece of fruit.

Practical tips and tricks to help Australians of all ages become more active, swap sugary snacks for healthy ones and cut down on digital devices. By making small changes to daily eating and activity habits Australians of all ages, shapes and backgrounds will lead healthier lives.

AMA has partnered with Screen-Free Week to include digital detox activities.

Visit Obesity Awareness Week Resources here

Published: 17 Dec 2019