Fair pay secured for Rural Generalists

28 May 2021

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ASMOFQ and AMA Queensland welcome the recent Health Employment Directive that delivers pay equity for Rural Generalists working in rural hospitals.

For the first time, Medical Superintendents and Medical Officers with Right of Private Practice with Rural Generalist Qualifications, will have the same base salary as their Senior Medical Officer colleagues.

ASMOFQ President Dr Hau Tan said the union’s advocacy and continual work by Dr Dan Halliday, ASMOFQ Councillor and Rural Generalist at Stanthorpe Hospital, has achieved a deserved outcome for rural generalists.

"This recognition of skills and qualifications is long overdue, and is essential to attract and retain doctors in rural communities,” said Dr Tan.

Dr Halliday said doctors providing vital health care to their rural communities, will now be recognised appropriately for the service they provide, matched to the qualifications they hold.

"This provides a greater opportunity for Rural Generalists to move between smaller and larger rural hospitals without negative impacts to their remuneration,” said Dr Halliday.

ASMOFQ and AMA Queensland support the Rural Generalist roll-out into rural Queensland and anticipate many opportunities for trainees now that remuneration closely aligns with career path and speciality qualifications.

Dr Halliday added that doctors who have done the hard yards will be rewarded, further encouraging those coming through the ranks to follow in their footsteps and work in rural communities.

“With the development of the National Rural Generalist Training Pathway, Queensland rural doctors, and doctors in training, now have the opportunity to take advantage of wider workplace opportunities with confidence of equal pay for equal qualifications,” Dr Halliday said.

Professor Chris Perry, President of AMA Queensland congratulated ASMOFQ on securing such an important outcome for members across the state.

“Our industrial relations partnership with ASMOFQ continues to deliver strong results for AMA Queensland members working in the Queensland Health system.

“Rural generalists have been disadvantaged for too long and we’re proud to have achieved this result that will help deliver high quality health care to rural communities,” said Professor Perry.

ASMOFQ understands that affected doctors will be contacted directly by their Human Resource Departments to review the opportunity and undertake advancement.

We encourage all affected doctors who may not be members to join or renew as soon as possible should assistance be required to navigate the process.

For help and advice contact ASMOFQ on (07) 3872 2222 and asmofq@amaq.com.au.

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Published: 28 May 2021