Check In Qld app best practice

20 Jul 2021

Check in app


Private practices are not required to comply with the Check In Qld app though it would be best practice.

On 9 July, it became mandatory for certain Queensland businesses to display the Check In Qld app. The QR code allows customers to check in at each site they visit. It is mandatory for businesses such as department stores, pharmacies, supermarkets, bakeries, retail shops and banks to display the QR code required to check in using the app, but it is not mandatory for private practices to display the signage or ask patients to sign in.

The app makes contract tracing faster, more reliable and complete if the app user is then diagnosed with COVID-19.

While it is not mandatory for private practices, if a person who has come into contact with COVID-19 visits your practice, it’s certainly best practice to know this has occurred and allow you to inform other patients and visitors.

Visitors, volunteers and contractors must check in on the app at hospitals, residential aged care, disability service accommodation, but not staff and patients/residents.

Practices currently using the Check in Qld App should continue to do so. Further expansion of Check in Qld App is likely to occur over time and may include broader requirements for health care providers.

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Published: 20 Jul 2021