COVID-19 vaccine rollout and PPE

13 Mar 2021

Doctor wearing PPE


AMA Queensland President Prof. Chris Perry OAM, made the following statement today.

“We are very concerned for the welfare of the doctor who has contracted COVID-19 and are endeavouring to make contact as appropriate to wish her a speedy recovery. 

“Adequate PPE and fit testing continues to be a priority for high-risk healthcare workers and is our best defence against all COVID-19 transmissions, including airborne transmission from more infectious variants.

“We look forward to the results of Queensland Health’s inquiry into this latest transmission at the PA Hospital.

“This incident highlights the critical need for all frontline healthcare workers to be vaccinated without delay – particularly those in high-risk roles. 

“Queensland Health has a responsibility to ensure doctors working on the frontline are prioritised and not exposed to unnecessary risks. 

“We also urge all healthcare workers to actively seek out vaccinations available to them.

“The COVID-19 vaccination rollout is complex and unprecedented but its success depends on a coordinated and cooperative relationship between the Commonwealth (supplying the doses) and the state government (administering the doses).

“Most importantly, we must make sure Queensland GPs are properly geared up for the community vaccination campaign, when it starts next week – so that no one misses out.

“Our best chance of making the community rollout as accessible and efficient as possible is to enable all GPs to provide the vaccine.

“GPs should be guaranteed all the resources and doses they need to make sure millions of Queenslanders can be protected as quickly as possible.”


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Published: 13 Mar 2021