MOCA 5 Negotiations update - 3 April

On Tuesday, the AMA Queensland/ASMOFQ bargaining team took part in the fourth negotiation session with Queensland Health. The meeting took place at AMA Queensland offices in Brisbane.

It was a productive meeting. Queensland Health agreed in principle to the following claims:

Resident Medical Officer (RMO) claims:

Professional Development Allowance and Vocational Training Subsidy
Queensland Health acknowledged that the current $1,575 Professional Development Allowance (PDA) for non-vocational trainees and $2,626 for vocational trainees is below the national average and needs to increase. We are advocating for an increase in the PDA to $4,000 and the vocational training subsidy to $6,000.

Professional Development Leave (PDL)
Queensland Health also agreed in principle that the current one (1) week PDL should be further increased. We are advocating for an increase in the PDL Leave to four (4) weeks.

On call rate
Queensland Health agreed in principle to increase the on call rate from the current 8% of the salary level 4 to 12% of the salary level 4.

Stand-by provision
Queensland Health has agreed in principle to clarify that ‘proximate on-call’ is not an industrial provision, instead proposing the introduction of a ‘stand-by’ payment for RMOs where agreement can be reached regarding the RMOs return to work within 10 minutes of being recalled. AMA Queensland/ASMOFQ advocated to ensure that the standby provisions are strongly unpinned by fatigue mitigation strategies and a high standard of accommodation is provided.

Senior Medical Officer (SMO) claims:

Indexation of allowances
Queensland Health acknowledged that the Motor Vehicle Allowance (MVA), Professional Development Allowance (PDA) and the Inaccessibility Allowance have not significantly increased since introduction in 2006.

Clinical Support Time
Medical officers currently get 10% clinical support time per department. Queensland Health agreed in principle to guarantee a minimum 10% per individual, with additional clinical support time available where the SMO can demonstrate their role dictates the need.

All Medical Officer claims:

Meal breaks and rest pauses
Queensland Health confirmed that medical officers will be entitled to: 
0-8 hour shift = 1 rest pause of 10 minutes in duration
>8 hour shift  = 2 rest pauses, each pause of 10 minutes' duration

We have asked Queensland Health confirm these agreements in writing. 

Negotiations continue on Tuesday 17 April 2018.