MOCA 5 Negotiations update - 1 May

On Tuesday 1 May, the MOCA 5 negotiation session with Queensland Health took place at the AMA Queensland offices in Brisbane. Focus on rural and remote claims.

The following claims were discussed:

All Medical Officer claims:
Professional Development Leave: Increase in PDL for all Medical Officers to 4 weeks.
We called for all Medical Officers  to be given the option to cash out their PDL balance upon separation.

Resident Medical Officer (RMO) claims:
Professional Development Leave for Rural and Remote Areas. Additional PDL allowance for RMOs who are located in rural and remote areas to allow the RMO to travel to and from major city where the PDL activity is.

Senior Medical Officer (SMO) claims:

  • Rural rosters and working conditions: Roster rotations and staffing.
  • Medical Superintendent with Right to Private Practice and Medical Officer with Right to Private Practice entitlements and remuneration model. Review and consider MSRPP/MORPP terms and conditions of employment (fatigue, overtime, recall, on-call and remuneration package) to align with SMO entitlements.'
  • Recognition of RACGP and Advanced Credentialed Practice
    Performing work equal to a FRACGP - to be equal to that level. 
    Advanced credentialed practice = equal level/pay to on who holds a FRACGP.