Grant helps flood affected medical practice

27 Apr 2022



AMA Queensland Foundation is continuing to help patients, doctors and medical practices get back on their feet after experiencing hardship due to the floods

More than 20 Flood Assistance Grants have been issued with applications closing soon on Monday 2 May at 5pm.

One recipient, Dr Bee Kho said his entire Rocklea practice was flooded with water up to a metre high, destroying everything.

Almost two months after the floods, he has still not reopened his practice due to the extensive damage and ongoing repairs.

“The extent of the damage was quite bad,” said Dr Kho.

“We have to replace all the flooring, all the furniture, computers, fridges, beds and dispose of things safely, as well.

“The cleaning process was quite tedious. It took up to a week and a half to get things cleaned out and dispose of things properly.

“But the bad thing is with Rocklea being in that area, we're not covered by flood insurance, so the AMA Queensland Foundation Flood Assistance Grant helped us out tremendously.”

Dr Kho said he is still waiting for his government flood grant to be approved and paid.

“How quickly I got the payment from the AMA Queensland Foundation was very, very important because obviously you need the cash flow.

"Unfortunately we lost pretty much everything so it really helped us to be able to get up and running again."

While Dr Kho said the flood was devastating to his practice, it made him realise the importance of teamwork and asking for help.

“Don’t be afraid to call up for help in times of need, you'd be surprised that a lot of people would be contributing, and trying to contribute to help you out,” he said.

Dr Dilip Dhupelia, Chair of the AMA Queensland Foundation acknowledged the flood assistance grants were a drop in the ocean compared to the magnitude of devastation experienced by so many Queenslanders.

“It’s been so challenging for our healthcare heroes during the pandemic and then to see whole medical practices wiped out in the floods is just heartbreaking for the patients, doctors and communities who rely on them.”

“It’s vital to support whole communities to receive the medical care they are used to with the doctors and practices they know,” said Dr Dhupelia.

The Foundation is also holding a Flood Fundraiser to extend and expand the grants and will match donations dollar for dollar up to the value of $25,000. 

There is still time to donate and support this important cause with the campaign closing Monday 2 May at 5pm.

Donate to the Flood Fundraiser

Apply for a Flood Assistance Grant

Published: 27 Apr 2022