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Event date 25 Jul 2022 to 28 Nov 2022
Who should attend
  • GPs
  • Specialist Consultant
  • People who work at a medical practice 
  • Owners of a private practice
  • Practice managers

$50 member | $100 non-member | Free for WRAP and Toolkit subscribers


$200 member | $400 non-member | Free for WRAP and Toolkit subscribers

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Are you interested in brushing up on your workplace relations knowledge from the comfort of your own desk? The AMA Queensland Workplace Relations Team is presenting its 2022 webinar training series. Enhance your knowledge of topical issues in workplace relations by logging into the live webinars on the scheduled day. If you’re unable to attend the live webinar you can still register and receive a recording of the webinar to listen to in your own time.

Monday 25 July | 10am - 11am

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Fundamentals of Leadership
Monday 5 September | 10am - 11am

Employment Status
Monday 28 November | 10m - 11am

Monday 25 July 2022 | 10am

It is crucial that employers are aware of how important the recruitment process is for their practice. The human capital of your company is what will determine the success of your practice and set you apart from your competitors. This webinar is going to show you the different processes and market research that should go into your recruitment and selection process to maximise the quality of talent applying. We will discuss key roles relevant to the healthcare system, relating to private practices, and why conducting skills analysis have greater benefits than expected. Join us to find out how to adapt these processes to recruiting and see your practice working to the best of its ability. 

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Fundamentals of Leadership
Monday 5 September 2022 | 10am

Leadership in the workplace has the greatest influence on the success of your company. It affects turnover, customer satisfaction, revenue and productivity. In this webinar we look at the fundamentals of coaching and how to be or create a mentor. Plus methods to reduce conflict and have difficult conversations. We dive into the importance of code of conducts and highlight mental health in the workplace and what you can do to support your staff. Over the last few years the pandemic has capitalised, an already underlying issue, of staff burnout in the health sector and we are going to help strategise the best approach to it.

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Employment Status
Monday 28 November 2022 | 10am

As we know, in the medical and private practice sector there are a number of roles and statuses that employees can fall under. An important skill to have is the ability to understand what these are, what applies to your staff, the different classifications under awards and what entitlements come with those employment status. In this webinar we aim to guide you on topics including, rules of employment, different types of employment arrangements, and what these might look like. Within those topics we will look at how to provide policies, encompassing these rules, which could be incorporated into your practice, and ensuring they align with the relevant agreements. 

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  • Develop an understanding on the functions of performance appraisals 

  • Gain a deeper insight to how coaching translates to staff performance 

  • Provide members with effective strategies to approaching performance appraisals  


Jaaden Morrall

Jaaden originally joined AMA Queensland in 2017 after graduating from a Bachelor of Business majoring in Human Resources Management. Soon after graduation she was nominated for and made it to the national finals for the Australian Human Resources Institute Student Award. After working as a Workplace Relations Advisor at AMA Queensland for a while, she took a position in a large, multinational organisation as an Industrial Relations Advisor. This role saw her focus on ensuring the company and their franchisees were compliant with employment legislation for stores across Australia and New Zealand. In early 2020, she re-joined AMA Queensland and is now Manager of the Workplace Relations Team, and is currently studying towards qualifications in Work, Health and Safety. Jaaden has experience in advising private practices on a range of employment matters which means she can assist private practices to ensure they are compliant with their legislated employment obligations. 

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