Senior medical officers

The ASMOFQ Team provides support for senior medical officers (SMOs) by lobbying State and Federal Government decision-makers to ensure our members' working environment is safe, fair and equitable.

The team offers representation for SMOs during award negotiations, industrial disputes and issues of public health policy. We fight to improve and maintain the working rights and conditions of doctors employed in the public health system.

This is a crucial time for all doctors working in the public health system to be informed of their rights, responsibilities and entitlements. Our SMO members have the peace of mind of knowing they can access free, unlimited access to our team. If you are experiencing problems within the workplace or you are unsure of your entitlements, please contact the team on (07) 3872 2222 or email  

In 2018, ASMOFQ negotiated the new certified agreement (MOCA 5) for doctors in the public system with Queensland Health. This agreement impacts your pay, terms and conditions.

Key wins for SMOs included the below.

All Medical Officers

  • 2.5% pay increase per annum;
  • New entitlement for two 10-minute paid rest pauses in the first and second half of the day, with ability to take the two pauses together to form a 20-minute paid break; and
  • New Digital Recall payments.

Senior Medical Officers

  • Increase in SMO Professional Development Allowance:
  1. $20,500 Year One
  2. $21,000 Year Two
  3. $21,500 Year Three

ASMOFQ is constantly seeking to improve SMO entitlements of the SMO Allowance Working Party (PDA and MVA) Committee within clause 3.5 of the MOCA 5.