Mater EA Negotiations update - November

The Australian Salaried Medical Officers' Federation, Queensland Branch (ASMOFQB) is responsible for negotiating the following Mater Hospital agreements:

  • Resident Medical Officer (RMO) Enterprise Agreement;
  • Senior Medical Officer (SMO) Enterprise Agreement; 
  • Visiting Medical Officer (VMO) Enterprise Agreement;

Negotiation update

Visiting and Senior Medical Officers may be aware that a 2.5% administrative wage increase has been passed on to you, while Mater progresses with their remuneration review. 

We take this opportunity to update all members on the Mater Hospital RMO Enterprise Agreement negotiations. ASMOFQB has continued to advocate for the same entitlements as those working in Queensland Health will enjoy under the latest iteration to the Medical Officers Certified Agreement (MOCA).


We are pleased to announce that at this stage of the negotitations we have been able to secure:

  • a three-year agreement;
  • 2.5% pay increase per annum fo rthe life of the agreement;
  • back pay from expiry of the current agreement (1 July 2018);
  • 20% increase to the Vocational Training Subsidy for Registrars (currently $2,500 moving to $3,000);
  • almost 40% increase to the Professional Development Allowance for Residents, excluding interns (currently $1,076 moving to $1,500);
  • 60% increase in Professional Development Leave, excluding interns (currently five days moving to eight days); and
  • a new entitlement to rest pauses (2x10 minute pauses per shift).


While we continue to advocate on behalf of our Mater members, we hold concerns regarding:

  • the consultation provisions; and
  • the averaging arrangement clause.

Now is more important than ever to ensure you are a member, as ASMOFQB continues to advocate for our Mater members to receive fair compensation and entitlements in line with what your Queensland Health colleagues receive. 

If you are not a member, please join here


We are also seeking feedback from our Mater VMO and SMO members regarding the entitlements to be negotiated into the agreements.

Please email your feedback to

We encourage you to join AMA Queensland/ASMOF Queensland Branch so you can have a voice in negotiations and have the benefit of our support in the workplace.