Mater EA Negotiations update - 14 August

The AMA Queensland/ASMOF Queensland Branch Team attended the third round of discussions for the Mater RMO Enterprise Agreement at Mater Hospital on 14 August 2018.

The parties worked through formalities within the draft document and reached provisional agreement on clauses that could be easily dealt with. This will allow us to dedicate the bulk of time in future meetings to negotiating key provisions that are important for maintaining equitable work arrangements for our members.

From the initial stage of negotiations, we are seeking extended dispute resolution and consultation provisions to ensure that our members have a fair opportunity to be represented in significant and contentious decisions affecting their workplace.

Mater are seeking to remove clauses that are in the existing agreement such as salary sacrifice and the Mater Medical Officer’s Consultative Group to which we are strongly opposed. Whilst salary sacrifice is considered as a standard provision in the current employment arrangements, we are concerned that if the provision is removed from the EA, it will be open to alteration or removal without consultation and our members will not have a dispute resolution avenue to challenge changes to salary sacrifice where it sits outside of the enterprise agreement.

We will continue to fight to protect and improve workplace conditions for our members working for the Mater Group.

Minutes of today’s meeting will be available after they are confirmed at the 28 August meeting.

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