MOCA 5 Negotiations update - 29 May

On 29 May, the AMA Queensland/ASMOFQ bargaining team took part in the eighth negotiation session with Queensland Health. The following claims were discussed:

  • Outside Practice and Other Business Activities (clause 4.20)
    We advocated for the removal of clause 4.20 as it places significant obligation on the Salaried Medical Officer and it is being inconsistently applied across HHSs.
    Queensland Health are happy to work on the wording and a negotiated standard process around the clause.
  • Preservation of individual employment arrangements (clause 4.18)
    Queensland Health agreed in principle to roll this clause over into MOCA 5. This is in line with the commitment Queensland Health provided to AMA Queensland/ASMOFQ regarding no employee being worse off under MOCA 5.
  • Retention cap
    The retention cap has not been increased since 2014. As such, AMA Queensland/ASMOFQ advocated for the cap to be increased in line with previous Agreement pay increases, with a view for the process to be automated under the Agreement. The cap is currently governed by the Private Practice Governance Committee. Conversations will continue around this claim.
  • Extended Hours Loading Ongoing discussions are occurring.
  • D08 protected within the Agreement
    Queensland Health have agreed in principle to protect policy D08 in the Agreement, when the policy is confirmed as being ratified.

Negotiations continue on Tuesday 12 June 2018.