MOCA 5 Negotiations update - 26 June - Back payment of wages

Queensland Health has informed us today at the MOCA 5 negotiation meeting that the bargaining framework, which requires Cabinet Budget Review Committee (CBRC) approval, will not occur before the 19 July 2018.

What does this mean for you?

Throughout the negotiations, AMA Queensland/ASMOFQ frequently raised the issue of CBRC approval to negotiate the Agreement. AMA Queensland/ASMOFQ has now been informed that the date for CBRC approval has been pushed back. This has caused an extensive delay resulting in no offer or agreement reached to any monetary claims, including the backdating of the wage increase.

What this means for you in relation to backpay?

You would be aware that the MOCA 4 expires in 4 days. Queensland Government policy dictates that backpay is awarded from the start of the month in which an ‘in principle’ agreement is reached. As a result of delays with CBRC approval outside of our control, we have put the claim forward that members be back paid from the expiry of MOCA 4.

AMA Queensland/ASMOFQ has been bargaining in good faith, however, the responsibility with the bargaining framework approval rests with Queensland Health.