MOCA 5 Negotiations update - 12 June

The bargaining team today discussed the following claims on your behalf:

  • Medical Officers’ scope of practice and consultation around when the scope of practice is likely to be expanded or diminished.
  • RMOs access to PDL outside of ordinary hours.
    This clause is to bring in line with the SMO entitlement and due to feedback that many of your PDL courses/activities are on the weekend or outside of your ordinary hours. Will allow greater access/ability to utilise the leave.
  • Preservation of HR Policy B1 (Recruitment and Selection).
  • Role or responsibilities of Junior and Senior Doctors.
    We have received a number of concerns regarding new disciplines encroaching on the role or responsibilities of both Junior and Senior Doctors. As such, we have proposed the following clause within the Agreement “There will be no attempt made during the life of this Agreement to either expand or diminish the role, responsibilities or duties of medical officers covered by this Agreement without activating the consultation obligations under this Agreement and the Medical Officers (Queensland Health) Award - State 2015”. Queensland Health have agreed in principle to include this clause within the Agreement.

Negotiations continue on Tuesday 26 June 2018.