Negotiations Update - 10 July - First commitments from Queensland Health

During the bargaining meeting today, Queensland Health made the following offers.

Without prejudice summary of commitments from Queensland Health:

  • A commitment to providing Senior Medical Officers (SMOs) access to confidential workspaces to undertake confidential work, including dictation.
  • The inclusion of recognition of previous service for reinstatement of Professional Development Leave balances that existed upon termination for Resident Medical Officers (RMOs) who have taken a leave of absence and or terminated from Queensland Health of up to 2 years and 1 month.
  • A provision supportive of increased notice of rosters where operationally practicable – 2 weeks.
  • The inclusion of the entitlement to access unpaid cultural leave in accordance with Section 51 of the Industrial Relations Act 2016.
  • Clarification of the senior registrar classification and its application to RMOs with FACRRM and or FRACGP pursuing an additional fellowship.
  • Clarification of RMO shift workers overtime at double time and
  • Public holidays minimum, payment 4 hours work to be included for clarity.