MOCA 5 Update - 26 February 2019

After months of negotiations, ASMOFQ and AMA Queensland can confirm that Queensland Health has agreed to the wording for Digital Recall put forward by both Unions (ASMOFQ and Together), which is a significant win for both RMOs and SMOs.

WIN for RMOs and SMOs

At our last meeting with Queensland Health on 13 February 2019, Queensland Health proposed alternative wording which removed RMOs from accessing the entitlement and made it difficult for SMOs to claim this new entitlement. However, after a united push from both Unions, Queensland Health has accepted the Digital Recall clause listed below.

11.19 Digital Recall A medical officer on call and who is recalled to perform duty and is able to perform that duty using appropriate (meaning suitable or right for a particular situation or occasion) digital resources without the need to leave their residence and/or without the need to return to the facility will be remunerated for the digital recall accordingly:

*RMO- a minimum of 30 minutes at applicable overtime rate of the relevant base rate for each time the employee performs such duties.
*SMO- a minimum of 30 minutes at 270% of the relevant base rate for each time the employee performs such duties.

An exception to this is any digital recall within the minimum period of thirty minutes shall not be regarded as a separate digital recall. For the purpose of clarity, digital recall includes, but is not limited to, work that requires access, review and/or creation of a record containing a patient's medical information, care or treatments received, test results, diagnoses, and/or medications taken and includes clinical decision documentation. Examples of digital recall include, but are not limited to, participating in an after-hours state wide service such as the alcohol and drug clinical advisory service and/or reviewing and providing advice on medical images. Review of information that would reasonably be conveyed effectively verbally by phone is not considered to be digital recall.

On a final note, I would like to thank the members for their continued support during this extended bargaining process.

A further update will be sent to members shortly regarding the Granted Private Practice Agreements and the Ballot process for MOCA 5.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email or call (07) 3872 2222.

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