MOCA 5 Negotiations update - 31 August - Update on Queensland Health Offer

We have continued to advocate on behalf of our members to improve the MOCA 5 offer from Queensland Health. This has resulted in a number of offers being issued.

The latest offer was provided to us on the evening of Friday 31 August 2018 and we shared it with our members, who have until Friday 14 September to provide their valuable feedback on the offer.

How did we get to this offer?

On 24 August, we informed members that we had requested a further meeting with the Queensland Health Director General and the Health Minister to discuss the offer. On 28 August, we met with the Director General. As a result of this meeting, the offer regarding Senior Medical Officer (SMO) Professional Development Allowance (PDA) was improved to:

  • Year One - $20,500
  • Year Two - $21,000
  • Year Three - $21,500

Based on member feedback received throughout the negotiations, we did not consider the proposed increase to be satisfactory to our members.

On 31 August, we organised a further meeting with the Health Minister to once again advocate for an enhanced offer. However, disappointingly, Together Queensland on Thursday evening, ahead of our scheduled meeting with the Minister, informed us that they believed there were limited prospects of success for any significant improvements. Subsequently, Together Queensland will be providing an in principle agreement to the most recent offer.

We were able to advocate for enhancement to the offer, which was provided to us on Friday evening. The enhanced offer contains:

  • A review* of the MS/MOPP criteria and process for movement beyond level 18. This is to occur within the first 18 months after certification of the Agreement.
  • A commitment to a joint working party* to review SMO allowances (PDA and MVA) to provide:
    - An interjusrisdictional comparison of PDA and PDL entitlements for SMOs.
    - Comparison of the SMO MVA with the allowance provided to Queensland Public Service Senior Executive Service positions.

*Note: this does not commit Queensland Health to any increases during the life of the Agreement.

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