MOCA 5 Negotiations update - 21 August - Update on Queensland Health Offer

We received an offer from Queensland Health and shared it with our members, who provided feedback that the offer should NOT be accepted.

Subsequently, we will continue to advocate on behalf of our members to improve the offer.

We have requested a further meeting with the Director General and have spoken to the Minister’s Office to arrange a meeting with the Minister to discuss the Offer.

At the last negotiations meeting on Tuesday 21 August, we also requested that the back pay be extended beyond the 31 August 2018.

Membership of AMA Queensland is an investment in your future. Now it is more important than ever to ensure your voice is heard – your membership directly supports us in achieving the best possible outcome for you in these negotiations.

As a member of AMA Queensland and ASMOFQ, you will receive comprehensive rolling updates regarding the negotiations progress and a voice in when the offer can be accepted. You will also receive access to all AMA Queensland’s member benefits – including a range of lifestyle discounts that quickly pay your membership investment back, the more you use them.

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