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If you believe that just one person can change the world, imagine what we can achieve together.

Established by AMA Queensland doctors, the Foundation is our members’ charity. We identify gaps in the health system and direct help to where it’s most needed. To do this, we call on the collective talents, resources and compassion of our members and supporters across Queensland. Together, we reach those patients that we can’t reach individually.

The AMA Queensland Foundation aims to relieve sickness, suffering and disability among Queenslanders in need - especially those patients in rural and remote locations who face logistical challenges accessing timely treatment. We also provide financial support to medical students from disadvantaged backgrounds.

There are many ways you can support our vital work - See the How you can help section below.


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How you can help

Nominate a patient in need
Do you have a patient who needs financial support for their medical condition? The Foundation welcomes funding applications for patients in need. Click here to complete a funding application.

Make a bequest or establish a student scholarship
Bequest and scholarships help disadvantaged medical students pursue their studies. We understand that making a bequest is a very personal matter. To discuss bequest or scholarship opportunities, contact our office on (07) 3872 2222 or email All communication will be treated with the strictest confidence.  

Pledge a tax-deductible donation
Receiving no government funding, we rely on generous donations and corporate sponsorships to make the work of the Foundation possible. For more information or to donate to our current project, visit or call the Foundation office on (07) 3872 2222.

The Foundation's Chair

Dr Dilip Dhupelia


Trained in Dublin, Ireland, Dr Dhupelia immigrated to Queensland as a Resident at Toowoomba Base Hospital and subsequently Medical Superintendent at Millmerran (1978-1982) and then practised in Toowoomba (1982-2005) as a Rural Generalist Obstetrician. He served as Toowoomba LMA President, GP Connections Chair (Toowoomba Division of General Practice) and Chair of CheckUP Australia.From 2006-2010, Dr Dhupelia was Senior Medical Advisor for Medicare Australia, Health Advisory Branch. 

Since 2010, Dr Dhupelia works at Queensland Health as well as working as a part time general practitioner. Dr Dhupelia is the Director of Medical and Clinical services of Queensland Country Practice, Queensland Rural Medical Service within the Darling Downs Hospital and Health Service; part-time general practitioner in Toowong, Brisbane; Board Director of General Practice Training Queensland; Member of the Clinical Advisory Group of Brisbane North Primary Health Network. His AMA Queensland roles include Board Director, Councillor; and Member of the AMA Queensland Council of General Practice. His Federal AMA roles include Member of the Federal Council, Executive Member of the AMA Council of General Practice and Member of the AMA Council of Rural Doctors. He is Chair of the AMA Queensland Foundation Board.

“Having had extensive medical experience in both the public and private sectors, as well as within the federal and state government sectors, I feel I have a good grasp of health policy drivers, ensuring holistic care within a seamless patient journey and improvement strategies in areas such as integration of primary and secondary services in rural areas. As President, I look forward to working within a wide-ranging team and hopefully add value to the fine work already being performed in representation, leadership and advocacy.”

Following his role as State President of AMA Queensland, Dr Dhupelia has eagerly taken up the position of Treasurer at Brisbane Local Medical Association and is excited to be working with the current Management Committee and Secretariat in revitalising and growing the LMA.


Rozita, JCU Scholarship recipient: If it wasn’t for the support of the AMA & the university, I could never afford tuition fees and could never start studying; I could not live my dream. The AMA support encouraged me to view life differently and focus on the full side of the glass despite all the negativities in my life.

Jessica Roberts, JCU Scholarship recipient: I would just like to say thank you to AMA Queensland and all their sponsors for investing in medical students such as myself. I am very thankful for the opportunities which the scholarship enables me to take and attribute my achievements in my degree to the your generous philanthropy.

Gary, husband of MND sufferer Rhonda Lomax stated, “I’m so relieved that I don’t have to worry about Rhonda being alone in the house all day while I’m at work. The AMA Queensland Foundation grant really is life changing for us.”


Harjyot Gill, JCU Scholarship recipient: The scholarship has truly been a blessing. It has allowed me to cover many costs which otherwise would have been stressful for my family and I to manage. In these ways the scholarship has assisted me in my studies and has motivated me to try my very best at university.

Louis Jenkins, JCU Scholarship recipient: Without the scholarship, I wouldn’t have been able to venture into an area of Australia that prides itself on providing quality health care to rural and remote Australians, as well as working exceptionally hard on closing the gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous health.

In relation to Hear and Say’s Telepractice program, a grant recipient’s father, Brian stated: “The Telepractice Program has really been helpful in Megan’s speech development. It has also given her some confidence as she can now easily communicate with her classmates and teachers at school without having that speech barrier. She is not exactly where some kids of the same age group are, but she is fast catching up.”

Fast tracked ENT surgery helped young Nicholas, whose mother Jodie stated, “Nicholas had some hearing issues and because of it, he had trouble focusing in the classroom. The other kids notice that.  We are so grateful – Nicholas has just started at a new school and this surgery will help him integrate to his new classroom and make friends. It will make a big difference to his life and his learning.”


Michael Pitt, JCU Scholarship recipient: Without financial support, such as the AMAQ Foundation Scholarship, the quantity of time I would be able to spend with my family would be very little, as I would have to work to maintain an appropriate level of clothing, food and education opportunities for my family. This scholarship relieves many financial pressures that would otherwise not allow me to spend important time with my young family.

Renee Preston, JCU Scholarship recipient: I’d just like to thank AMA for this incredible opportunity because it honestly means more to me than I think most people realise. I would be under a great deal more stress and having to work 12+ hours per week on top of study just to cope with my finances and this wouldn’t have been possible in my later years and so this scholarship has actually given me the possibility to complete medicine.

Another recipient of Hear and say’s telepractice program: “On behalf of the Lukan family – thank you, AMA Queensland Foundation for supporting Grace on her listening journey and continuing to promote the work of Hear and Say. We look forward to providing continued support to Grace and her family through these critical years of Grace’s development, and watching her go from strength to strength.”