Doctors call for new local medical association

26 Sep 2019


A new local medical body will draw together general practitioners, specialists and hospital doctors in the Bundaberg region to promote and protect the health care of local patients, through the promotion of quality medical services.

Local doctors recently gathered at the University of Queensland Rural Clinical School in Bundaberg to plan the re-formation of the Bundaberg Local Medical Association.

The Association aims to build stronger relationships between doctors right across the local health system.

Dr Denise Powell, General Practitioner in Bundaberg, said that a Local Medical Association was needed in view of the increase in the number of new doctors in the area.

“Our aim is to provide strong support for the medical profession and in turn for the benefit of all the people in the Bundaberg region. What unites us as a profession is much greater than what separates us as individuals,” Dr Powell said.

Bundaberg Ear Nose and Throat (ENT) Surgeon Dr John Elphinstone said that the Bundaberg Local Medical Association would provide an educational and social forum for doctors throughout the Bundaberg area.

“By bringing the medical community together in a social, non-competitive way, we can address the many issues facing our profession and the community we serve. We want to create a forum promoting education, fellowship and understanding amongst all local doctors. “Dr Elphinstone said.

Australian Medical Association (AMA) Queensland President Dr Dilip Dhupelia, who attended the gathering, said the newly formed Bundaberg Local Medical Association would establish a single voice and support for doctors in Bundaberg.

“As State President of AMA Queensland, I believe Local Medical Associations, in addition to promoting communication and networking among local doctors, have a pivotal role in local issues, serving as a vital link between the medical profession and the wider community.

“Many Local Medical Associations (LMA) around the state are functioning to a very high level and it is my ambition to revamp a successful and thriving LMA for both the clinicians and the patients of the Bundaberg region,” Dr Dhupelia said.

Media Contact: Chiara Lesèvre, AMA Queensland - 0419 735 641;

Published: 26 Sep 2019