Defending Patients and Doctors


In recent years, successive governments have chipped away at the foundation of the health system in Queensland.

This has served to undermine the role of doctors who dedicate their lives to healing and treating the state’s sick and vulnerable. Too much emphasis has been placed on convenience rather than quality when it comes to patient care.

Nowhere has this been more evident that in the rise of role substitution, with an increasing number of other health practitioners empowered to perform tasks traditionally provided by qualified doctors.

You can read the AMA Queensland’s Position Statement on Task Substitution here

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Doctor Survey Findings

Thanks to nearly 700 Queensland doctors who completed our #patientsoverpolitics survey, we’ve been able to paint a really clear picture of the state of patient care in our public health system.


Regardless of where doctors practice in Queensland, the survey revealed clear consensus on some key issues:

  • Role substitution – the practice of other health practitioners delivering care normally provided by a qualified doctor - is the number one concern, followed inefficient administration within Queensland Health.
  • Pharmacy UTI trial – 60 per cent of doctors believe the Queensland Government initiative poses a high or extremely high risk to patients. Many also noted it contradicted national and global efforts to curb antimicrobial resistance. Queensland is the only state or territory in Australia currently running a trial which allows pharmacists to diagnose urinary tract infections and prescribe and dispense treating medications.
  • Rural maternity – 92 per cent of doctors believe the State Government’s initiative to close and reduce maternity services in rural and regional areas is either quite dangerous, extremely dangerous or catastrophic for patient care.
  • Queensland Health – to improve patient care, more than 40% said appointing doctors with frontline experience to key policy-making positions should be the first step.
  • Patient care – 60% of Queensland doctors feel their advice is often ignored in favour for alternative care that puts patients at risk.
  • Public health – 38% have little or no faith in the Queensland public system.
  • More than 370 survey respondents were based in urban areas and about 300 identified themselves as regional or rural practitioners, providing a broad and diverse range of views.


AMA Queensland has sought meetings with the Queensland Health Minister as well as the Shadow Minister for Health and Ambulance Services regarding the survey findings and their serious potential impacts on our health system.

It is critical to understand each political party’s vision for the health care system, including the role of doctors in delivering patient care as we head towards the state election next month.

Rural maternity services

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We need all Queensland doctors – regardless of speciality or geography – to come together to put #patientsoverpolitics #DefendingPatientsAndDoctors.

To support us in our ongoing action we would ask that you consider sending a version of the attached email to Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk and the Health Minister calling on them to stop the pharmacy trial and work collaboratively with doctors to deliver equal access to world class medical care without putting Queenslanders at risk.

Please share your letter to the Premier and the Health Minister with any interested colleagues as the survey findings reveal statewide, systemic issues requiring a strong united voice from doctors.

Together we can protect our profession from further erosion and be the voice our patients deserve. Send this letter to the Premier and the Health Minister

Send this letter to the Premier and the Health Minister


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