Governance Committee

The Governance Committee assists the Board and Executive in the development, implementation and maintenance of a robust system of governance that is aligned with best practice and fits the needs of AMA Queensland. The Committee is responsible for:

  • Developing and reviewing governance policies, practices and procedures with regard to best practice, such as those endorsed by the AICD
  • Regularly reviewing the AMA Queensland Constitution to ensure it aligns with contemporary governance practices appropriate for not-for-profit associations
  • Ensuring there is a robust and effective process for evaluating the performance of the Board, Board Committees, individual directors and Council
  • Periodically reviewing the terms of reference of all Board Committees and making recommendations regarding changes after consultation with the respective Committee Chairs
  • Monitoring developments in corporate governance generally and making recommendations to the Board on any changes to governance practices that the Committee regards as necessary or desirable
  • Considering opportunities to improve governance training and experience of key individuals within the Association
  • Ensuring that the AMA Queensland Governance Manual is maintained and current
  • Considering governance matters referred to it by the Board

Chair: Dr Peter Isdale | Secretariat: Lisa O’Donnell