Commencement of bargaining - 20 February

On 20 February, the AMA Queensland/ASMOFQ bargaining team met with Queensland Health to progress the certified agreement on behalf of doctors within Queensland public hospitals. The meeting confirmed that AMA Queensland/ASMOFQ has taken the role as lead  negotiation party and the framework was clearly set for how key negotiation issues and themes will be taken forward. AMA Queensland requested that existing terms and conditions from MOCA 4 be preserved and rolled over into MOCA 5. Queensland Health agreed to this claim. Dr Chris Maguire, Chair of AMA Queensland Council of Doctors in Training covered the Resident Medical Officer (RMO) claims, in particular:

  • increase in the Vocational Training Subsidy to $6000;
  • increase in the Professional Development Allowance to $4000;
  • increase in the Professional Development Leave to four (4) weeks; and
  • meal breaks and rest pauses.

Dr Chris Maguire said he was pleased with the outcome of this first meeting.

"Today, junior doctors have been given a guarantee that their voice and their concerns will form a central part of the new MOCA 5 negotiations. It's an encouraging first step, but there's a lot left to do," Dr Maguire said.