27 Jun 2019


BOARD DIRECTOR (casual vacancy)


  • Location: Brisbane
  • Are of expertise: Particular focus on finance/investment experience
  • Organisation type: Non for profit
  • Remuneration: Expenses only

About AMA Queensland:
AMA Queensland is a highly reputable, not-for-profit membership organisation for doctors.  As a membership organisation, AMA Queensland provides professional support and representation to our members, through advocacy, member services (such as training and workplace support), promotion and leadership.

The governance and stewardship of the organisation is vested in an experienced Board with a strong strategic focus.

Composition of the Board:
The AMA Queensland Board is a Queensland Board comprised of up to eight Board members, including the AMA Queensland President, Vice President, Board Chair and up to five appointed directors (who are medical practitioners) and up to two skilled directors (who can be non-medical practitioners) to a total of eight directors.  Board members are appointed based on their skills, experience and expertise that will best complement the Board to effectively achieve its goals.

For the period up to May 2020 we are seeking to appoint a skills based director with particular experience in finance/investment, who is willing to contribute to the growth of the organisation and be part of the Finance Risk and Audit Committee.

Time Commitment:
The Board usually meets six times per year in Brisbane. Meetings are held face to face, although on occasions directors attend by tele/video-conferencing.

While this position is a casual vacancy to May 2020, in the usual course Directors are appointed for a term of two years; Board Directors can serve on the Board for a maximum of three consecutive terms, if re-elected/ re-appointed at the end of the each term.

Directors are generally expected to participate in one or more of the Board’s committees, which include: Finance Risk & Audit, Nomination & Remuneration and Governance.

Particular Skill Set Sought:

Experience in accounting and/or finance and the ability to:

  • Analyze and comment on key financial statements and the organisation’s overall financial situation;
  • Critically assess financial viability and investment performance;
  • Contribute to strategic financial planning and investment assessment;
  • Contribute to the identifying and assessment of business development and investment opportunities; and
  • Advise on and monitor strategic investment decisions made by the Board.

Duration of Tenure: Initial two year term to a maximum of three consecutive terms, if elected.

Voluntary (some travel expenses can be reimbursed for Board members located outside Brisbane).

Desired Skills for all Board Members:

  • Previous experience on Boards and / or senior management experience;
  • Graduate of AICD company directors’ course; and
  • Affinity with the aims and objectives of the Association.

Personal Qualities for all Board Members:

  • A commitment to the Association's mission, vision, core purpose and strategic plan;
  • A commitment to dedicate sufficient time to attend all board meetings and any other meetings as called by the Chair;
  • Flexibility, tact, impartiality, diplomacy and confidentiality;
  • Good listening and interpersonal skills;
  • An ability to focus on material issues and not “sweat the small things”;
  • An ability to see the “big picture”;
  • An ability to influence effectively at the board table;
  • An openness to consider alternative viewpoints; and
  • An unbiased position - a Director should not confuse their own goals with those of the Association and its members.

How to apply:
If you are interested in this Board opportunity, please submit:

  • Curriculum Vitae (CV); and
  • One-page expression of interest setting out:
    • you professional experience/skills/qualifications, including your particular finance/investment experience; and
    • the reason/s you would like to join the Board of AMA Queensland.

to Company Secretary, via e.judd@amaq.com.au by close of business on Friday 16 August 2019.

Published: 27 Jun 2019