Do your employees need to let you know that they are expecting?


It is evident that if an employee is pregnant, whether they are employed on a permanent or casual basis, it would be sensible for the employee to discuss their work and leave arrangements with their employer but not required. The discussions would include the whether the employee is entitled to unpaid or paid leave, ensuring that the workplace is safe for the employee, and their rights to flexible work arrangements.

27 MAY 2021

Idameneo back-pays employees over $15 million


In November 2020, Idameneo Pty Ltd (Idameneo) entered into an enforceable undertaking with the Fair Work Ombudsman (the Ombudsman), having to back-pay approximately $15.3 million to employees.

Idameneo has delivered management services to its 69 medical centres and 13 GP practices, beneath the brand names of parent company Healius Limited, which includes ‘Primary Health Care’ and ‘Primary Dental’.

27 MAY 2021

Is a breach of COVID-19 policy a valid reason for dismissal?

In the case of Fesshatsyen v Mambourin Enterprises Ltd (2021) FWC 1244, Fesshatsyen (the employee) was a disability support worker for Mountain Enterprises Ltd (the employer). The employer had introduced a workplace procedure due to the rise of COVID-19, requiring that employees’ record their temperature once they entered the workplace.

28 APR 2021