AMA Queensland statement on Greater Brisbane lockdown

11 Jan 2021

AMA Queensland statement on Greater Brisbane lockdown


8 January 2021

Professor Chris Perry, AMA Queensland President:

“Doctors welcome the three-day lockdown across Greater Brisbane and urge everyone in the relevant areas to stay at home or wear a mask if you absolutely must be in public spaces.

To stop the virus spreading, we need people to get tested and stop moving around.

If you urgently need to see your doctor, please limit the number of people attending the appointment, wash your hands with soap and wear a mask.

Little is known about the peculiar characteristics of the new COVID strain from the UK and, until we understand how best to protect frontline health workers and the community, we must take an abundance of caution.

As we have learnt from interstate experiences, a short, quick response is better than the weeks of lockdown they are now enduring in the UK.”


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Published: 11 Jan 2021