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AMA Queensland is a member-driven organisation representing approximately 9,000 Queensland doctors and medical students. Our reach also extends beyond our membership and into the community to influence government, media, doctors, specialists, allied health professionals, administrative health staff, union members, medical universities, specialists colleges and health industry employees.

In addition to the professional representation, workplace relations advice, advocacy, lobbying and support we provide for our members, we are also the hub and first point of reference for business tools, lifestyle benefits, products and services. We also run a comprehensive events calendar with professional development, member engagement and networking opportunities.

Our well-known brand, reputation and connection with members provides you with a unique advertising opportunity and clear target audiences. We communicate with members through a range of publications and digital platforms that can be tailored to suit a specific audience or specialist group. Our team can design a proposal to meet your marketing objectives, target audience and budget. 

Read more about the opportunities available in our Advertising Kit.

Advertising opportunities

Avenues for printed advertising

  • Doctor Q magazine (Autumn, Winter, Spring and Summer)
  • Intern Guide (annual)

Avenues for electronic advertising 

  • Noticeboard
  • Connect e-newsletter (fortnightly)

Sponsorship opportunities

For a tailored sponsorship proposal, please contact