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AMA Queensland is a member-driven organisation representing more than 6,200 registered doctors and 3,500 student members throughout Queensland. Our reach also extends beyond our membership and into the community to influence non-member doctors, allied health professionals and administrative health staff, union members, specialist colleges, medical universities and employees involved in the health industry.

In addition to the professional representation, advocacy, lobbying and support we provide for our medical network, we are also the hub and first point of reference for business tools, lifestyle benefits, products and services. We also have developed several professional, personal and lifestyle events.

To peruse your options, please download the AMA Queensland Advertising and Sponsorship kits found below.

Advertising opportunities

Avenues for printed advertising:

  • Doctor Q magazine (Autumn, Winter, Spring and Summer)
  • Intern Guide (annual)

Avenues for electronic advertising:     

Sponsorship opportunities

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