STATE ELECTION PRIORITIES 2020 | 11-point healthcare action plan


As we head towards a State Election on October 31, AMA Queensland has launched an 11-point action plan designed to improve working conditions for doctors as well as the delivery of healthcare to Queenslanders.

AMA Queensland’s $641m strategy calls for:

  • $2.5m to strengthen the role of doctors in decision-making, including hospital governance, future pandemic planning and a greater role for GPs when patients are discharged from hospital.
  • $2.35m to support doctors working in regional and rural communities with guaranteed locums, to cover all accommodation costs for doctors in rural Hospital and Health Services, and to permit access to rural hospitals for private GPs to work as VMOs.
  • $1.67m to continue improving the health and wellbeing of doctors through the successful Wellness at Work program and to change mandatory reporting laws in Queensland.
  • $313m to roll out e-health technologies in collaboration with doctors and to advocate for the continued use of telemedicine.
  • $3m to strengthen the role of primary care in managing the use of opioids.
  • $520K to provide compulsory addiction medicine training for all junior doctors. 

The Action Plan also calls for $26m to boost local pain management services and $4m to improve the health of First Nations Queenslanders through a dedicated hospital network supported by Surgery Connect, fluoridated water and other initiatives.

In addition, AMA Queensland is calling for the next State Government to invest $277m into creating more palliative care services across the state.

AMA Queensland has asked all political parties running in the upcoming state election to respond to our plan to enable members to make informed choices at the ballot box.

View AMA Queensland 11-Point Action Plan here


Further Information

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AMA Queensland is calling on all political parties running in the October 31 election to reveal their vision for the future of healthcare and respond to our 11- Point Action Plan - The Pathway to Better Health for Queenslanders so that doctors and patients can make an informed decision at the ballot box.

With no end in sight to the volatile and far-reaching effects of the COVID19- pandemic, now is the time for the Queensland Government to reimagine a fairer, smarter public health system.

Now is the time to respect and harness the expertise of Queensland’s healthcare leaders. Now is the time to build a sustainable, equitable system that supports all Queenslanders to be among the healthiest people in the world.