Mater SMO EA Negotiations

ASMOF Queensland Branch, the industrial partner of AMA Queensland, served a log of claims for the new Mater Health Services Senior Medical Officers' Enterprise Agreement.

We are negotiating for an agreement that achieves parity with the Queensland Health Medical Officers’ Certified Agreement (MOCA). However, as at 1 July 2022, many claims remain unresolved.

Despite this, the Mater asserted to the Unions and Bargaining Representatives that its intention was to soon push ahead to a vote on the SMO Agreement.

If this occurs, ASMOF QB would regard this as unacceptable to our members, and we would recommend that SMOs vote “NO” to force Mater back to the negotiating table and allow us to continue fighting for better entitlements and the appropriate resolution of outstanding claims.

A ‘yes’ vote will lock Mater SMOs into unsatisfactory and inferior entitlements for three years.

Below is a table comparing the proposed Mater SMO EA and MOCA 5.

Mater MOCA 5 (Qld Health)

3-year Agreement

2.5% increase per annum

QLD Government wages policy yet to be announced

Predicted annual increases >2.5% (under MOCA 6)

Private practice unprotected and outside the Agreement

Changes can occur without approval

Private practice billings included and protected under the Agreement

Car allowance unprotected and outside the Agreement

Changes can occur without approval

Part time employees disadvantaged as entitlement and prorated

Car allowance included and protected under the Agreement

Prorated entitlement for part timer employees

No funding commitment for consultant coverage to support 10% minimum clinical support time in all departments

Individual SMOs receive 10% minimum clinical support time

Not a department-based allocation

Bargaining period: ASMOF QB has been undertaking fortnightly bargaining meetings with Mater Health Services since late 2021.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email or call (07) 3872 2222

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