AMA Queensland 2021-22 Budget Submission


The AMA Queensland Budget Submission 2021-22 endorses a range of initiatives and priorities for patients and doctors.

Significant investment is needed to provide fair access for all Queenslanders to Emergency Departments and hospital beds, mental health support, palliative care, maternity services and addiction management, solutions to plan for a sustainable health system as well as doctors’ wellbeing and mental health support.

More than $1.65 billion is needed from the Queensland Government to address key priorities for patients and doctors.

Priorities for patients

  • Fix emergency health care and address access block ($1 billion).
  • Increase funding for palliative care ($275 million).
  • Fix health in rural and remote communities ($6.25 million).
  • Improve maternity and surgical services for Indigenous people ($50.9 million).
  • Boost specialist care for regional maternity patients ($4.05 million).

Priorities for doctors

  • Provide better digital health care technologies ($313 million).
  • Establish new training in addiction medicine ($2.32 million).
  • Improve mental health and workplace safety ($1.97 million).